Track 2

Track 2- Moving cities: between structure and agency. Urban institutions and the pop-up city
Marta Smagacz-Poziemska (IS – JU) and Marta Klekotko (IS – JU)

In the modern era urban institutions were fulfilling social needs for participation, leisure, education and cultural consumption. In the late-capitalist postmodern societies this no longer seems true. Rising mobility, multitudes of lifestyles, as well as social inequalities challenge the institutional order of the city and make a room for a pop-up city. This session asks: what is happening to the institutional order of the city? What kind of tensions between traditional structures and bottom-up city-making can be observed? Is a pop-up city a marginal and ephemeral phenomenon or does it shape a new mainstream of urbanity? Empirical papers are especially welcome.

Track 2.1: The bottom-up city: toward the new order or intrinsic conflict between structure and agency? (Session 1) (room 61)

Chair: Marta Klekotko (IS JU)
Jennifer Morstein: Urban Gardening between structure and agency – The potential of a new form of social activism to evoke bottom-up processes of social change in the city.            Aleksandra Winiarska & Agata Gójska: Institutionalized practices of local government in the context of participation and social conflict in Warsaw                                                                         Igor Tyshchenko & Mariia Gryshchenko:  Urban grassroots movements, city authorities and citizens: spaces of conflict and intersection in contemporary Kyiv                                                        Eve Avdoulos: The Pop Up City in a time of crisis: Experimental strategies for rebuilding Detroit

Track 2.2: Projectification of the urban policy (Session 2) (room 61)

Chair: Marta Klekotko (IS JU)
Roberto Falanga: Crisis and participation: an odd couple? Lisbon and the BipZip Programme
Ilaria Beretta: The smartness of Milan city (Italy). From up or from the bottom?
Marek Nowak: The revitalization bottom up, and top down? Two cases form Poznan (Poland) Barbara Skoczynska-Prokopowicz: LOCAL COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT . BASED ON THE WORKING OF CIVIC BUDGETS IN POLAND

Track 2.3: (Urban) policy and the social structure (Session 3) (room 61)

Chair: Marta Klekotko (IS JU)
Inga Hajdarowicz Participatory democracy. Does it foster or hinder agency?
Magdalena RekWozniak Urban development and the politics of class in postindustrial city. A case study.                                                                                                                                                    Agnieszka BugnoJanik: Towards the popup city: participatory experiments in a few cities in Upper Silesia.   

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