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Reminder – abstract submission deadline February 1st 2019

ESA Conference, Manchester, August 20-23, 2019


Submitt your abstract to RN37’s (Urban Sociology) call “Boundaries and belonging in urban realities” 

Or to one of our joint sessions: 

“Urban Ageing: Towards an enhanced spatial perspective”, with RN01 (Ageing in Europe);

“Transforming cities in a global transforming world”, with RN15 (Global, Transnational and Cosmopolitan Sociology)

“Migration and the city: Urban spaces and the reordering of borders, boundaries, and belongings in contemporary Europe” with RN35 (Sociology of Migration).


Abstract submission for the ESA 2019 conference “EUROPE AND BEYOND: BOUNDARIES, BARRIERS AND BELONGING” is now open!

Submitt your abstract to RN37’s (Urban Sociology) call “Boundaries and belonging in urban realities” or to one of our joint sessions: “Urban Ageing: Towards an enhanced spatial perspective”, with RN01 (Ageing in Europe); “Transforming cities in a global transforming world”, with RN15 (Global, Transnational and Cosmopolitan Sociology) and “Migration and the city: Urban spaces and the reordering of borders, boundaries, and belongings in contemporary Europe” with RN35 (Sociology of Migration).

Abstract Submission deadline: February 1st 2019

The conference will take place in Manchester August 20th to 23rd!

Migration and the city: Urban spaces and the reordering of borders, boundaries, and belongings in contemporary Europe

Joint Session with RN35  – Sociology of Migration

Call for papers of the Joint Session

Migration and urban realities are deeply entangled. Cities and metropolises have had an important impact on migrants’ everyday life and biographies throughout our modern times. In turn, urban neighbourhoods are socially, politically, and economically affected by transnational mobility. The key question of this joint session is how the political and the spatial dimensions are intertwined in the current European context. It focuses, first, on the tensions that currently evolve between urban, national, and European political dynamics and, second, on the “urban” opportunities for countering everyday racisms and authoritarian backlashes in European migration regimes.

Submission deadline: February 1st. Submit here

Transforming cities in a global transforming world

Joint Session with RN15 – Global, Transnational and Cosmopolitan Sociology 

Call for papers of the Joint Session

Cities are places where globalization manifests itself with particular intensity; and cities, in turn, contribute decisively to shaping globalization processes. For this reason, cities are a privileged observation point for globalization and in particular for global / local dialectics. So, we welcome contributions which analyze, on one side, the impact of globalization processes on cities’ life and structure, and, on the other side, the role of cities in
shaping and directing globalization itself.

Submission deadline: February 1st. Submit here

Urban Ageing: Towards an enhanced spatial perspective

Joint Session of RN 37 (Urban Sociology) and RN01 (Ageing in Europe)

Call for papers of the Joint Session
Cities have become central to research on the complexities and multidimensionality of ageing. By combining the perspectives of urban sociology and the sociology of ageing we seek a better understanding of what urbanity represents in terms of experiences, advantages and disadvantages for older residents. We would welcome papers applying innovative theoretical and methodological approaches in studies on urban ageing, but also papers comparing aspects of ageing in urban, suburban, or rural settings.

Submission deadline: February 1st. Submit here

Boundaries and belonging in urban realities – RN 37 (Urban Sociology) call for papers within ESA’s 2019 Conference

Abstract submission deadline: February 1st

Submit here

RN 37 Specific call

Europe is going through difficult times: of rising nationalism, populism and unstable political, social and economic situations which have the city as their main setting. We take the theme of this ESA Conference “Europe and Beyond: Boundaries, Borders and Belonging” as an opportunity to debate social, symbolic and physical dimensions of the boundaries and borders creation, negotiation and transgression in urban areas. Within a critical approach, belonging has the potential to help us rethink attachment to place and local life in a time of increased mobility between world cities, of virtual networks and communities, but also of privatisation of public spaces and commodification of urban life. 
We welcome papers on topics including, but not limited to:
• RN37_a – Urban Sociology (Open Session)
• RN37_b – Segregation and spatial forms of inequality
• RN37_c – Urban movements, the right to the city and new urban policies
• RN37_d – Consequences of digitalization in cities and urban life
• RN37_e – Mobility and its impact on urban communities
• RN37_f – Materiality in urban life
• RN37_g – Everyday life: continuities, changes, resistances
• RN37_h – Housing and dwelling
• RN37_i – Gender, age, ethnicity in urban space

The ESA RN37 Urban Sociology aims to continue the work developed at the previous ESA conferences and Midterm Conferences, by stimulating the cross-disciplinary debate on urban life, urban spaces and urban dynamics. At the Manchester ESA Conference we are interested in receiving proposals focusing on empirical data, but also specifically on the theoretical and methodological aspects of research, especially papers proposing innovative approaches.

Complete call for papers of the 14th Conference of the European Sociological Association, 20-23 August 2019, Manchester, UK

ESA Conference 2019

The next ESA Conference will take place in Manchester from the 20th to the 23d of August 2019. The Call for papers will be out soon. Check the Conference website for news.  We will keep you posted about the main events and all RN37 activities.

The order I live in

Friday, 29th June, 9:30-11:00

Cinema Session and Debate: The order I live in. An indoor urban symphony

directed by Francisco Cruces & Jorge Moreno Andrés. An ethnographic film.

Session Chief: Emilio Luque (UNED)

Debate with Francisco Cruces.


Daniell thought he was going to have “a wife, three kids and all that”, but his life did not went this way. Toghether with the other 20 voices that compound this documentary, he pauses to reflect upon little things that give meaning to our everyday life. The silent company of objects. Loneliness. Order and disorder. The image of ourselves, reflected in mirrors. The challenge to become oneself. The place for children. Travels and moves with no way back. The family legacy, that falls down on you as an unforseen burden.

Why an indoor urban symphony?

Cities have been narrated from manifold perspectives. Scarcely from the inside.

This is an ethnograhic documentary on contemporary living in three cities: Madrid, México and Montevideo. It is a counterpoint of the classic genre of urban symphonies (with its esthetics of crowds, machines and rush in public places). Our wish is rather to tell from the inside how do we live. Twenty persons share reflections about the spaces they live in, little objects they love, things that concern them or happened to them. In every one of these micro-stories the whole life of those doing the storytelling can be glanced.

Urban poetics is, then, of a different kind. The big city does not appear as anonimous locus of commodities, industry and mass human relations. It is also a ground for personal assertion: quest, surprise, self-discovering. Something beautiful and enigmatic emerges at our homes: an order of our own. A universe.

To put in words a universe is not easy. And yet, the ethnography provides a glance of the iceberg existing below. These voices plait corally with the ambiances and objects that render them possible, commenting on uncertitudes, affects and troubles.

Intimacy can be conjugated only in the singular: in particular, in the first person. Notwithstanding this, -in times of hiperinflation of the Self and its industries- these testimonies invite to wonder to what extent the individual subject is the starring character here. Such seemingly unrepeatable stories, do they have some degree of universality? Are we, indeed, the authors of our order? Intimate life seems in the end forced by circumstances that transcend us. We will never manage to fully understand them. Modern living implies as much continuity as ruptures; as much invention as repetition; as much planning as astonishment. It pends on a very thin and breakable thread. In the context of everday life, the sense of things is undoing and redoing itself, non stop.

This film is a collective dialogue having to do with this poetic thread. Of course, we do not pretend to speak for all the city dwellers -a funny idea, when you consider the more than 30 millions inhabitants of our three cities toghether. The petty confidences of a few people does not luck relevance, though. Such is the great mistery on which this movie is built. Stories of this kind may appear singular, unrepeatable. But -precisely for that reason-, they do belong to anyone and all.

Technical data

Running time: 63 min

Format: HD

Date: 2017. Filmed in Madrid, Montevideo & México City

Directed by Jorge Moreno Andrés & Francisco Cruces

Research: Francisco Cruces, Jorge Moreno Andrés

Photography and Edition: Jorge Moreno Andrés

Music: Francisco Cruces

Sound: Alexander Melczer

Coloring: Rocío Ortiz

Master: Marco Hernández Calvo

Production assistance: Gloria G. Durán, Karina Boggio, Antonio Zirión, Nancy Flores, Valeria Cuevas, Enedina Ortega

Research assistance: Romina Colombo, Nuria Esteban

Translation: Alexander Melczer, Francisco Cruces

Subtitles: Aimée Ther

Timetable (Last Review: 13/06/2018) Mid-Term Conference Madrid 2018, ESA-RN37 Urban Sociology

WEDNESDAY, 27.06 THURSDAY, 28.06 FRIDAY, 29.06

Registration in

Escuelas Pías Building, C/ Tribulete nº 14 (28012 – Madrid (Spain))



Film Session and Discussion

The Order I Live In. An indoor urban symphony”, ethnographic film by Francisco Cruces & Jorge Moreno Andrés

10.15: Welcome Coffe 11.00: Coffee break 11.00: Coffee break

Conference Opening and

Keynote speech with Jesús Leal:

“Understanding spatial segregation in European cities”


Sessions 10 to 14


Sessions 25 to 28

13.00: Lunch break 13.00: Lunch break 13.00: Lunch break
14.30: Sessions 1 to 4
14.30: Sessions 15 to 19
14.30: Sessions 29 to 32
16.00: Coffee break 16.00: Coffee break 16.00: Coffee Break

Sessions 5 to 9


Sessions 20 to 24


Keynote speech with Suzanne Hall

“Migrant Margins: Brutal borders and street exchange”

18.00: Break 18.00: Break 18.00: Closing session

Session with Madrid City Council

Territorial rebalance in Madrid


ESA RN37 Business Meeting

Place:Associated Centre Madrid-UNED

Escuelas Pías Building, C/ Tribulete nº 14 (28012 – Madrid (Spain))