Open Sessions

Open Sessions

Open Session O.1 Transgressive cities and hidden spaces (Session 1) (room 55)

Chair: Graça Cordeiro (ISTEC-IUL)
Ray Hutchison: Hidden Spaces
Dilek Özhan Koçak Gaps in the urban space and the practices of ‘ordinary’ in experiencing the space
Sonja Lakic “Shall we call it Balkanization?” New Means of Behavior and Space Appropriation in the Era of PostPrivatization: the case of Bosnia and Herzegovina

Open Session O.2 Urban security and politics of fear in the Moving City (Session 4) (room 55)

Chair: Gabriele Manella (Universitá di Bologna)
Cyril Piotrowicz Cyril: Predictive policing and resilience of crimes, cities and societies
J.M. Cardesin & Carmen Lamela Where is fear? Territorial Types on Insecurity and Fear of Crime
Karin Rainer & Ines Levy: Contested Views and Body Worn Cameras in a Police  use in urban areas of Austria. The EBeCa project.

Open Session O.3 Cntested views on urban life (Session 5) (room 61)

Chair: Marta Klekotko (IS JU)

Öykü Ülgüner : Housing Provision under Current Development Strategies: Access to Housing in Ankara (Turkey) within its Construction oriented and Property driven Growth Policies           Agnieszka Wołk : Sacrum in the public space of Warsaw Grochow – urban shrines                      Daniel Screpanti : A methodological approach to the Transgenic Landscape: the Work Geography of kiwifruit agriculture in the Northwest of Portugal


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