III Mid-Term Conference of the Urban Sociology Research Network 37 of European Sociological Association

Inequality and uncertainty:  current challenges for cities

III Midterm Conference,

European Sociological Association, Urban Sociology Research Network 37

Madrid, from 27 to 29, June, 2018


It is not possible to ignore the fact that cities are not only moving, vibrant and flourishing spaces, promising hope for better quality of life, but also accumulate and reflect significant problems. We need to recognise the complexity of economic, political, social, cultural and environmental mechanisms, which strengthen existing inequalities and add a great deal of uncertainty to life in cities and urban spaces of the globalised world. We want to gain a better understanding of the impact and consequences of inequality and uncertainty on the urban arena as much as the responses to current challenges in terms of  both informal and institutional practices.

In this conference we also wish to celebrate and bring into the discussion the works of two social scientists who greatly contributed to Urban Sociology and Urban Studies in general: Lefebvre and Simmel.

We look forward to welcoming you at the III RN 37 mid-term conference in Madrid. Check our blog and facebook for updates.

Host institutions:


Department of Sociology III (Social Trends)