Payment with Swift Code of Santander Bank

We have added the Swift Code!


The only way to pay the fee is by bank transfer to:

Bank Name: Banco Santander
Bank Address: Calle Alcalá, 28, Madrid, 28014
Account Name: Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia (UNED)
University Address: calle Bravo Murillo, 38, Madrid, 28015, Spain
IBAN: ES82  0049 0001 5422  1143 8387
Details of payment: “ESA RN37” and participant´s name, surname


Please, you send payment receipts to:

Please note that payments by bank transfer will only be accepted by 15 May, 2018.
The early Bird Fee is from now to 15 April

All payments made by bank transfer have to be net of all bank charges. The payer pays the bank charges of their bank, and the beneficiary pays the charges of their bank, if any.

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