Accomodation Madrid 2018


You can book your room now with the best price in El Corte Inglés Travel Agent!


Madrid is a huge city which offers many hotels, apartments and rental touristic flats. However, there are many events at the same time. Due to this, the prices are high.
Furthermore, we will have our meeting very close to the town center. Lavapies is an ancient district with a huge history in the city’s heart. We can enjoy many restaurants and bars nearby.
Due to this, we have contacted a relevant Travel Agency (El Corte Inglés) which has given us a good offer for hotel rooms for participants in the Mid-term Conference.
They have offered two huge hotels 10 minutes away on foot from the Escuelas Pías Building.

These hotels are:

I . C A T A L O N I A  A t o c h a  4 * * * *

C/ Atocha, 81
28012 Madrid

Rate per night (double room for single use):  128,98€ -buffet breakfast and tax included-

Rate per night (double room):               158,62€ -buffet breakfast and tax included-

35 rooms This offer lasts until 16, April (New)

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I I . H O L I D A Y I N N  M a d r i d  P i r á m i d e s  4 * * * *

Paseo de las Acacias, 40
28005 Madrid

Offer: 25 rooms
Rate per night (double room for single use):  92,95 € – breakfast buffet and tax included. (New price)

Rate per night (double room): 103,95 € – breakfast buffet and tax included. (New price)

This offer lasts until 26, April (New)

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To complete the offer, you can choose:

I I I . N H C o l l e c t i o n  P a s e o  d e l  P r a d o  H o t e l  5 * * * * *

Plaza Cánovas del Castillo, 4
28012 Madrid
Rate per night (double room for single use):  182,50 € – tax included-
Rate per night (double room for single use):  202,00 € – breakfast buffet and tax included-
Rate and availability on request.

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More information in this document.

You can contact El Corte Inglés to book a room in the hotels described above by email:

If you decide to use this offer, you can fill in this form and send it to the email address above.
For more options, ask El Corte Ingles using the same email address.



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