Jesús Leal

The Complutense University (Madrid, Spain)

Jesús Leal is an Emeritus professor of sociology at the Complutense University of Madrid. His teaching activity has mainly focused on Urban Sociology, Urbanism and Population topics, having conducted many research projects on these issues. Coordinator of the committee of experts in housing and editor of the white book on housing in Spain, he has been Visiting Professor at several foreign universities (Berkeley, Paris) and has participated in various international research networks related to urban sociology and housing issues.
Among his publications: “El espacio colectivo de la ciudad” (The collective space in the city), “Para una nueva política de vivienda” (For a new housing policy), “La vivienda en Madrid” (Housing in Madrid), “Comportamientos residenciales y necesidades de vivienda” (Residential behaviour and housing needs); “Crecimiento económico, empleo y desigualdad social en Madrid” (Economic growth, employment and social inequality in Madrid), “Housing and Welfare in Southern Europe”, “La reestructuración social de Madrid” (The social restructuring of Madrid).

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