Call for papers, RN37- Urban Sociology, ESA, Athens, 2017


(ESA, Conference in Athens, August, 2017)

RN37 – Urban Sociology

Coordinators: Lígia Ferro, University of Porto, ISCTE-IUL, Porto, Portugal Marta Smagacz-Poziemska, Jagiellonian University, Krakow, Poland M. Victoria Gómez, Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, Spain

(Un)making the city: Urban exclusions, solidarities and sociabilities.

Cities and urbanites have been facing many challenges generated by the global economic crisis. The crisis has been taken by power elites as an opportunity to implement auster-ity measures. Consequently, struggles in the access to employment, housing and social protection increased. Precariousness and social inequalities in the city worsened. Sev-eral levels of analysis are needed to understand these new social realities. Social struc-tures, collectives and actors are articulated and contribute to the (un)making of the city.

We seek submission of contributions that discuss processes of segregation and exclusion and their consequences as well as the dynamics of urban creativity, solidarity and socia-bilities. Submissions should help deepen the social, political, cultural, economic or cul-tural analysis of the city and urban life. From the level of urban policy to the one of the people who make the city in their everyday lives, individually or collectively organised, from macro-analysis to neighbourhood approaches, the main challenge will be to discuss how the city is changing and how we, urban specialists, can contribute to understand and (re)make and (re)claim the city.

The ESA Research Network 37 Urban Sociology aims to continue the work developed at the last ESA conference in Prague and at the Midterm Conferences held in Lisbon, Portu-gal and Krakow, Poland, by continuing to stimulate the cross-disciplinary debate on ur-ban life in the contemporary city. At the Athens ESA Conference we are interested in re-ceiving both theoretical and methodological proposals from colleagues working on pro-jects in the field of urban studies. Empirical contributions based on innovative methodological approaches, applying qualitative, quantitative or mixed methods, or using broader methodological strategies such as urban ethnography will be welcome. RN37_a: Urban Sociology (General Session) Specific sessions will be created from the general RN pool of abstracts.

RN37_KS: Urban public spaces: How can conflict make society? (Arranged RN Keynote Session) How do urban spaces create specific patterns of social relations and are constantly changed and recreated by the social relations they frame? Keynote speaker: João Teixeira Lopes (University of Porto) Commenters: Lígia Ferro (University of Porto, RN37 Coordinator), Sebastian Kurtenbach (University of Bielefield) and Patrícia Pereira (Universidade Nova de Lisboa)

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