Saskia Sassen’s keynote speech


Saskia Sassen’s lecture will take place in Jagiellonian University’s Auditorium Maximum (Krupnicza 33, Kraków) on Thursday afternoon, 1400-15:30.


Expulsions: Beyond Inequality.

Saskia Sassen
Columbia University

Thursday, 14:00-15:30 in

At some point in the evolution of extreme negative conditions, the familiar explanations fail. Today, the language of more inequality, more poverty, more imprisonment, more environmental destruction, and on, is insufficient to mark the proliferation of extremely acute versions of old and new conditions.

In Expulsions I examine a broad range of familiar processes that have reached this point. The focus is on systemic edges – not to be confused with the more familiar concept of interstate borders. Systemic edges can emerge deep inside a nation-state, an economy, a society, a city. I conceive of these systemic edges as the point in sometimes long trajectories, when condition x becomes invisible because it has been expelled from our statistical analyses, theoretical framings, societal understanding of a condition, etc. This invisibility can attach to very material conditions –dead land, 30 million people expelled from their homes via financial instruments….we can only vaguely imagine these conditions: in their full materiality they are invisible.

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