Call for Hosts – ESA RN37 Mid-term Conference and 2nd Summer School in 2025

Dear All,

Thank you for the big expression of interest in the RN37 sessions hosted at the next ESA conference: we have received more than 150 submissions. We think this is confirmation of the solidity of our network, since this represents an important increase when compared to the ESA conference in Barcelona. The evaluation of abstracts is close to aend and the results will be communicated soon.

We are now launching a call for hosts for the next RN37 mid-term conference, to be held in 2025.

As you probably remember, our last Midterm conference was held in Berlin on October 2022. It was a very vibrant moment, with almost 250 proposals and over 150 participants. We would like to thank once again the Humboldt colleagues who made it possible, as well as all the speakers who made it so fruitful. During the RN37 Business Meeting in Berlin, the possibility of organizing a 1st ESA RN37 Summer School for Young Urban Scholars was discussed, and the School was held in Genoa in September 2023, with over 100 applicants and 50 participants. The School was very positively evaluated by both participants and speakers, and we really thank them too.

Our intention/proposal now is to organize the 6th mid-term conference in 2025 together with the 2nd summer school. The joint organization of these events could be a great opportunity for everyone and the best way to optimize organizational and logistical efforts, encouraging interaction between junior and senior scholars.

We imagined a “standard” format, to be agreed upon according to the availability of the host institution of course: we envision at least three days for the Summer School (for example from Monday to Wednesday), and the midterm could include the first plenary on Wednesday afternoon and panels on Thursday and Friday, with a conclusion on Friday afternoon or Saturday morning if possible. In other words, this format includes at least five days but, again, calendar and duration are to be agreed with the host institution.

Even if the decision on the location will be made by the next RN37 Board, we think it is very important to launch this call now in order to encourage in time applications and considerations on all the issues.

This topic will also be part of the the agenda of our RN37 Business Meeting in Porto, which is open to all the RN37 members. However, we invite potential hosts to contact the Board by Friday, May 3, 2024 in order to open the debate and start the first conversations regarding potential applications.

Reach us at Urban Sociology

We are also available for any questions or clarification. Looking forward to seeing you in Porto!

The RN37 Board (Anna, Madalena, Katarzyna, Gabriele, Niccolò, and Rui)

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