RN37 Board elections

This year we are electing a new RN37 board, following the ESA RN Guideline (RN Guidelines | European Sociological Association (europeansociology.org), the ESA By-laws and the new RN37 election statutes. The call for nominations and/or self-nominations is open from  June 1st  until June 30th. Participation in the election requires active ESA and RN37 membership. 

The next steps will be:

  • July 1-15: Nominated candidates accept or decline their nominations and submit their biographical notes.
  • July 16-30/August 1-23: Preparation of ballots and electronic voting procedures.
  • From August 24thElections start and remain open until 24 hours before the RN Business Meeting.
  • ESA Conference, RN Business Meeting: Second vote (if needed in case of ties); results are conveyed to the members present; results are shared via email and social media with remaining RN members and beyond.

If you have any questions, please contact us (rn37.esa@gmail.com).

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