New RN 37 book: Inequality and uncertainty: current challenges for cities

The book “Inequality and uncertainty: current challenges for cities” published by Palgrave Macmillan is available online. This is the second volume presented by the Research Network 37— Urban Sociology of the European Sociological Association. This monograph originated at the conference “Inequalities and Uncertainty: Current Challenges for Cities” which took place in Madrid in June 2018.

Over 150 urban researchers had the opportunity to hear and discuss inspiring key lectures and presentations based on both theoretical reflection and empirical research. We considered one more time that the findings should be presented to the public and in this way take part of a broader discussion on cities. Congratulations to the authors of the chapters: Martina Löw, M. Victoria Gómez, Susanne Frank, Begoña Aramayona, Kaan Kubilay Aşar, Marta Klekotko, Rosa Branco, Sónia Alves, Talja Blokland, Vojin Šerbedžija, Rui F. Carvalho, Inês Vieira, João Pedro Silva Nunes, Iraide Fernadez, Cristina Lavia, Noel Manzano, María Castrillo, Ángel Ramón Zapata-Moya, Cristina Mateos-Mora, Clemente J. Navarro-Yáñez, Fronika de Wit and Renata Putkowska-Smoter. Many thanks to the editors for their huge effort: Maria Victoria Gómez, Laura Guarino, Sebastian Kurtenbach, Patricia Pereira, Marta Smagacz-Poziemska and Juan Jose Villalón.

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I hold a PhD in Urban Sociology from the Universidade Nova de Lisboa (NOVA-FCSH, 2013). I am a researcher at the Interdisciplinary Centre of Social Sciences NOVA FCSH. I am co-editor of the journal Forum Sociológico as well as co-coordinator of both the Urban Sociology Research Network of the European Sociological Association – RN37 and the Urban Ethnography Network.

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