Migration and the city: Urban spaces and the reordering of borders, boundaries, and belongings in contemporary Europe

Joint Session with RN35  – Sociology of Migration

Call for papers of the Joint Session

Migration and urban realities are deeply entangled. Cities and metropolises have had an important impact on migrants’ everyday life and biographies throughout our modern times. In turn, urban neighbourhoods are socially, politically, and economically affected by transnational mobility. The key question of this joint session is how the political and the spatial dimensions are intertwined in the current European context. It focuses, first, on the tensions that currently evolve between urban, national, and European political dynamics and, second, on the “urban” opportunities for countering everyday racisms and authoritarian backlashes in European migration regimes.

Submission deadline: February 1st. Submit here

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I hold a PhD in Urban Sociology from the Universidade Nova de Lisboa (NOVA-FCSH, 2013). I am a researcher at the Interdisciplinary Centre of Social Sciences NOVA FCSH. I am co-editor of the journal Forum Sociológico as well as co-coordinator of both the Urban Sociology Research Network of the European Sociological Association – RN37 and the Urban Ethnography Network.

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