Transportation in Madrid

Transportation in Madrid


By public transport

You need a ticket for the train, buses and metro.

One option is the turist card. The information about it in:

If your hotel is far, a good option will be: A Turist card (“Tickets for zone A” for 3 days).

Zones 1 day 2 days 3 days
A 8,40 € 14,20 € 18,40 €

Another option is the “multi-card”

Or, a singular ticket.

By bike

Madrid still has a long way to go to become a sustainable bike-friendly city. Apart from a small number of bicycle lanes that cross the centre of town, the best place to cycle is the Anillo Verde or ‘Green Ring’, a 64-kilometre-long cycle lane that encircles the urban centre and is mostly paved and separated from motor traffic.

If you want to hire a bicycle you can use a travel agent or tour company or find a shop or place where the service is available like Bicicum or Matadero de Madrid.



Radio Taxi Independiente: 914 05 12 13.

Radiotelefono Taxi: 915 47 82 00.

Servitaximadrid: 913 45 12 46.

Taxi Mercedes Madrid: 91 593 20 20.

Tele Taxi: 913 71 21 31.