Social Programme


WEDNESDAY 29.06 (20:00)

Movie session “WARSAW FRANKENSTEIN” (Spółdzielnia OGNIWO, 28 Paulinska St) (96 min, English Subtitles, 2012) a documentary by Christiane Büchner.

We invite you to watch the film and enjoy the evening in the club Spółdzielnia OGNIWO (Cooperative ‘Ogniwo’) located in the Kazimierz quarter. We will meet at 19.30 (7.30 PM) at the main entrance of the Institute of Sociology, Grodzka 52 and have a group walk to the movie.


 “Jogging Moving Cities” (7:30-8:15)

Do you like jogging? Bring your running gear to Krakow and get to know the city in a different way than tourists usually do. We propose a gentle jog around some of central Krakow’s most pleasant paths with other conference participants. Your guide and the group leader will be Ben Koschalka.

(more information on the first day of the conference).

 Garden Party & Concert: Trip to the East (18:00)

Institute of Sociology (in the yard), 52 Grodzka St

We have a pleasure to invite you to the Garden Party and the Concert of Christina Eshak and Wassim Ibrahim, Syrian musicians studying in Krakow. During the concert they will take us on a musical journey through Syria, Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt to finally reach the distant Andalusia, showing the richness of Arab sounds and the diversity of the Middle Eastern culture.


9:30-12:30 – The workshop “Future on my Mind – Communication and Participation in the Local Community

(Institute of Sociology, 52 Grodzka St)

If you plan to stay in Krakow for the weekend, you can take part in the workshop “Future on my Mind – Communication and Participation in the Local Community” on Saturday, 2nd July (morning). The workshop call is available on the page (on-line registration – first-come, first-served rule applies). Please note that the number of places is only 15.

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