A few information before welcoming

Before welcoming…

We are now less than a day from the beginning of our conference. We would like to give you a few information before welcoming you to Kraków.

1. Registration opens tomorrow (29.06) morning at 9:00 in Institute of Sociology, Grodzka 52 Street, first floor. We encourage you to register before the first event of the conference (opening and first keynote lecture) to avoid queues later.

2. We are sending the conference programme once again. It is slightly different than the last one as we had to make a few late corrections. However, times and rooms of sessions and presentations in great majority of cases are the same. Limited number of printed copies of the programme will be available on request only, you are encouraged to use it on electronic devices.

3. Our rooms are equipped with PC computers (not Macs) and projectors. Please have a copy of your presentation ready on USB stick. Just in case, you should also have a PDF version of the presentation.

4. All presenters are asked to be in the room at least 5 minutes before the start of their sessions.

5. There are still places available in both Saturday workshop and Thursday morning jogging. Please register if you want to join.

We are looking forward to seeing you in Kraków.
All the best,

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