a documentary by Christiane Büchner


The film follows the German artist Boris Sieverts through the city of Warsaw. His art consists of guided city tours that are directed to the inhabitants of the cities. In his work Boris Sieverts 14 extrapolates characteristics of architecture to the scale of a whole city. What is a certain space meant to be and how is it used in reality? How do the inhabitants enrol in the city space? What kind of atmosphere prevails at a place? What does it contribute emotionally to the life in the city? What is changing? His gaze is an unprejudiced taking of an inventory. All the elements of a city are equally important for the social life in it.

But what is even more exciting is the artistry with which Boris understands to guide this point of view during his tours. As if he had arranged the whole city space for his own purposes instead of artfully creating ways through them: Here a narrow alleyway, and behind the large vastness.

Climbing above the fence instead of taking the road. Getting lost, confiding in something, enjoy. As a fellow traveller you feel like in an exciting movie. As a filmmaker I wanted to watch the artist during his work. A rare case where this is possible, since Boris Sieverts makes the process of thinking visible in space – right or left? – it is always a decision between routes. Boris, who never before did any research in a former socialist city and I, who had shot almost all my films about postsocialist topics. Warsaw was a surprise for both of us. The Palace of Culture and Science, the former ghetto, war and reconstruction. Yes. But also a selfconfident openness, traversing spaces, beauty and vitality.

We would contribute a screening of the film to reveal Boris Sieverts method. Additional he would held one of his googleearthlectures where he will give an in depth analysis of certain areas in Warsaw.
www.2pilots.de (Producer)
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