Call for Papers & Abstract Submission

Abstract Submission

All calls will be published in the list below. The abstract submission is open until April, 15th  2020 (extended deadline). For questions concerning a specific call please contact the session organizer. For questions concerning the submission of abstracts contact us at including “abstract submission 2020” in the reference line of your mail. 

Follow this link to submit your abstract: ABSTRACT SUBMISSION

Please note that some of the circulating CFP-documents might still contain the old deadline (3rd April). The new deadline is 15th April. 

List of Session CfPs

  1. Artistic interventions in urban space
  2. We, co-walkers in the urban space
  3. Alterity in the developing urban subject 
  4. From neighbourhood to community, or from community to neighbourhood?
  5. In/exclusion in the festival city
  6. Workshop on the squatting movement in Europe 
  7. Housing in the 21 st century: trends, policies and challenges in post-crisis cities
  8. Blue and green transport infrastructures as source of a new gentrification in European cities 
  9. The tourist city: opportunities, challenges and conflicts
  10. Care theory meets the city: Exploring Implications for the study of urban inequalities
  11. Innovative streets in Europe. Exploring practices and governance of alternative urbanities
  12. Urban regeneration: policies and effects
  13. Housing informality in the Global North: a socio-historical approach
  14. Urban imagination and technology of data visualisation in urban studies
  15. Rewriting belonging and identity through urban spaces: Everyday city-making in turbulent times
  16. Confronting urban regeneration policies in Europe between new forms of tourism, creativity and expulsions 
  17. Residential segregation and the study of social structure of towns and metropolises. Empirical and methodological advancements in urban sociology
  18. Welcoming spaces? Opportunities and challenges for newcomers 
  19. Urban practices and urban institutions: Thoughts on segregation and the spatiality of everyday resource organization, social networks and social capital
  20. Unlocking inter and transdisciplinary approaches to urban research projects 
  21. Social innovation in the cities: Politics, policies and actors
  22. Responsible cities: paradigms, practices and policies
  23. Debating urban ethnography: limits and potentialities
  24. Migrations, urban transformations and ICT solutions


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